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How to handle a broken AC Unit!

Picture this, you just arrived home to a very hot home after work. You notice the thermostat is set to the correct temperature but the whole house is an oven! That would not be an ideal picture to any I think. Well let’s talk about some things you can do until help arrives.

Check Thermostat

Always check this first, here is why. Some units have batteries in the thermostat that are required even if power is on in the house. Find the model number and go a quick Google search to see if your unit has batteries that require changing ever so often. If this is not the case and the thermostat seems to be in working order you can skip this step. If your unit does require batteries, please refer to the owner’s manual to change them correctly. You don’t want to mess up anything here. If you feel you don’t want to tackle this task give Martin Carpteners a call today!

Check for Power Outages

Maybe the whole house is out of power? I know in the summer you can have rolling power outages due to higher use of Air conditioners or other cooling appliances. Make sure everything else works in the house. If you have power and the unit still doesn’t turn on, give Martin Carpenters a call today!

Find Somewhere Cool to Go

When all else fails, call us, then go someplace cool while we work to get things in proper working order.  Local pool, watch a movie indoors, anything to get you back to comfort levels.

Shield Windows

Make sure the blinds are closed to help block the sun and the heat created by it. This way the house has a chance to stay cooler longer into the morning hours.

Plug in a Fan

Use of fans also helps lower electric bills and to circulate air throughout the room and house. If you have ceiling fans use them, box fans are great in doorways and windows to draw in cooler air from outside.  We know having your ac unit fixed or replaced is costly.

Don’t Delay on Routine Maintenance  

This is a no brainer here folks. Always get the seasonal tune-ups, not only do they help keep your system in peak performance but they also help to identify issues before they are problems. We offer many tune-up specials throughout the year to keep your system running every day.

Have Us Inspect Your System

The only way to be 100% about the issue is to have a professional look over your system and diagnose the problem. Once we have determined the root cause we can go over all the different options we have to help. Don’t delay, Click or Call us Today!

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