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Reasons why your ac condenser is loud!

Let’s Define volume

First let me point out what is considered loud to most people with ears that work. Here is a list:

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  1. 15-db (decibels) think the tick of a wrist watch
  2. 30-db faint echoes in a hallway
  3. 50-db easy to hear but not overbearing
  4. 70-db ever have a commercial be louder than the program, yeah that’s it
  5. 100-db nearby rifle

We want our air conditioning systems at Martin Carpenter’s Air Conditioning to be a nice faint echo that you can tune out like your mother in-law.  

Here are a few reasons why that faint echo turns into something less fun…

Condenser Fan

The unit outside has a large fan that, when on, can make some serious noise. If it anything gets inside it this can cause some problems if not taken care asap. Inspect the unit when it is off, never ever put anything inside the fan area. Just call Martin Carpenters and we can give the perfect tune up and maintenance check it needs! But if you wish to clear any debris please be very careful, we warned you!

Coil Fins

These are the little fins of aluminum that normally surround the condenser unit. They help cool down the Freon in the system to complete the cycle, but that’s for another blog. Here we just want to look over and see if they are clogged. We can only use compressed air or just a spray from the garden hose. Be sure to spray from the inside out though so the debris will clear easy.

Metal Grinding or Squeals

So, this noise is well, bad. But not so bad, here you want to call or fill out the form below to contact Martin Carpenters Ac today, well right now if this is the case. So, we can see you the same in most cases, fix the issue and keep you cool all year round.  

Now there could be a lot more reasons why the system is making odd noises and if that’s the case always get a licensed professional to look it over and give you a quote before any work is started. Here at Martin Carpenter’s we pride our self in making customer satisfaction number one!

until next time, Martin.

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