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Precision Tune Up

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Precision Tune-Up

Our Precision Tune-Up is one of the best on the market today. We make sure you’re comfortable in all seasons.

We also check operation of thermostat and calibrate as needed

Condenser check (outdoor unit)

  1. Remove top of unit, vacuum leaves and other debris from inside of unit
  2. Wash coils thoroughly inside and out with high pressure water hose
  3. Check and tighten all electrical connections
  4. Oil motor bearings in fan motor
  5. Clean panes free of any weeks or devices that may cause airflow restriction
  6. Apply protective wax
  7. Check sub cooling and superheat refrigerant for correct capacity charge

Locate end of drain line to ensure proper drainage of system which can improve system efficiency of humidity removal by %60

Check correct breaker size to prevent house fires

Check overall operation of air handler including:

  • Oil blower motor bearings
  • Apply self-rinse coil cleaner to evaporator coil
  • Sanitize air handler housing
  • Treat and clean drain pan
  • Vacuum drain line to remove any blockage and apply drain line treatment
  • Check safety overflow drain switch to prevent water damage

Check safety devices at air handler for electric heat operation and ensure the heat is not coming on during cooling, which causes high operating costs

Visually inspect duct work for leakage and mold


Time and time again we hear from people who are no longer satisfied with the cooling power of their Air Conditioning system. This can happen from not regularly changing the filter or not maintaining a maintenance schedule. The AC is an often-neglected system in your home that runs almost all day, every day. This means that even a small amount of wear that may be occurring to your system, if not addressed early, can compound into a larger issue that causes a breakdown.

A precision tune up can uncover small problems before they develop into bigger ones, increase your system’s efficiency, lower your utility bills, and extend the life of your system. It is important to get these tune ups on a regular basis to ensure that your system operates without any issues and is always ready to keep you comfortable in the Florida heat.

Manufacturers require at least one tune up a year to stay current with their warranty.