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What is a SEER rating and should you care?

First SEER stands for: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is used to rate the air conditioners energy efficiency, just as the name implies. Now you’re wondering why you need to know what this means and how it can help. In 1992 legislation was passed to make all air conditioners meet a minimum SEER rating. Of course, this has gone up as energy concerns have raised awareness about how this ratio can be used to keep energy use low.

SEER Chart

Now I bet you might be wondering, “Can I just buy a high SEER rated unit to offset my unsealed, un-insulated house”, the short answer is no. Because no matter how great the unit is you still to have to have insulated attics, walls, efficiency rated windows and doors. Now don’t run out and buy a new ac unit if that’s the reason your electric bills are high. You want to invest in those fixes unless you are running an old system. Then you should give Martin Carpenters a call today, we can help you get a new as system installed and have your attic insulated as well by one of our vendors.

From here we can focus on Florida and its minimum rating of 14 SEER. This is required for any new installations of air conditioners from 2017 and on. So, if you have a newer unit installed and see it wasn’t the correct SEER, you might want to contact that installer and get the correct unit installed. This SEER rating helps you keep the electric bill down in the dead heat of summer. Now if you do get a new system installed, don’t get the minimum rating for SEER, you want to stick around 2 points higher than the minimum. So, you get a solid unit that will stay ahead of the appointed SEER rating set by the state or federal government. This has been Martin’s Words of the day, SEER.

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