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What is that water coming from your attic?

Have you ever noticed some pvc (plastic pipe) near your air conditioner outside of your home? Have you ever lived in a home with a window unit? Then you maybe you have wondered why or how that water gets there. Let’s dive into the basics here.

What in tarnation!!!

How air conditioners work (the jist)

They work by passing warm air over very cold pipes or coils. The coils are connected inside your home to the ones outside the home inside the large condenser. The thing that makes loud noises when it is on, that one. When the system is on, the coils are cooled and the blower motor blows recirculated cooled air inside your home.

Where the water comes from

The warmer air moving over the very cold coils creates condensation, this water needs to be drain properly for the system to work at full efficiency. This water can be remove many ways and depending on where the air handler unit is installed. If the unit is vertically place in a closet or garage, it will have a condensation water pump to remove the water that has collected in a small pan someplace. For attic installations or horizontal placements, the unit could have a large shallow pan that has either a heating element to burn off water slowly or drain by normal gravity to the outside. Remember we are talking just the basics here folks, every system is always slightly different.

Don’t Worry

Having water flow from your ac system is always a good sign it’s working correctly. But what if you don’t see water moving or coming from your system you ask? Well this where you must play find the water outlet, normally found outside near the condenser.

Here in Tampa Bay at Martin Carpenters Air Conditioning & Heating Inc we install all different types of systems and always find our self’s making sure this vital part of the puzzle is taken care for you.

Leaks or Clogs

Is there water coming from the system where it shouldn’t or maybe there is a clog and the safety switch has stopped your system from turning on? This isn’t too much of an alarm, you can try a few quick tips from Martin:

Check the line make sure it isn’t dry, this means a clog some place in the line. Use a wet/dry vacuum to try and suck the clog out.

If there is a leak, try to determine if the line can be cut and then fitted back together. Most lines are rubber hoses, making it easy if needed to address leaks in the line. Just get some fittings that will join two ends together. Remove the bad section of line and viola, no leak.

If anything sounds too daunting to try yourself, let Martin Carpenters be here for you, just call or click today!

Included in our Summer Special Tune up, we check all the main components for issues, making sure you are staying cool all year round here in Tampa Bay!

until next time, Martin.

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