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Why Air Conditioners Need Regular Maintenance

I know many people who think regular maintenance is not needed for a system like air conditioners. Like a car’s engine, you would not drive 10k miles without an oil change every 3-5k miles or so, right? So why would you wait 3-5 years before you have a professional give it checkup? Let’s go over 4 reasons why you should have at the minimum annual check ups

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#1 Cost Effective

Most people assume that simply because the unit is still running, then there is no need to spend money on residential air conditioning maintenance. What they don’t realize is that while the unit still runs, lack of maintenance will slowly damage different components. This will not only decrease efficiency but will also reduce your system’s life. Compared to the amount you might spend on repair when the unit breaks down, the amount you spend on yearly maintenance won’t be that much.

#2 Life of System

If you want to save money on replacing your HVAC, then you’ll need to consider regular maintenance. Heating and cooling systems work pretty much the same as cars. Without proper servicing, they won’t last that long. If you want your system to serve you for an extended period, then hiring a professional to service it at least once or twice a year is recommended.

#3 Comfort

While your heating and cooling system may continue running even after lack of servicing, the damage happening behind the scenes can affect you in many ways. In addition to increasing energy costs, improperly maintained systems won’t regulate your air as they are supposed to.

#4 Safety

Without proper maintenance, electrical connections in the unit can loosen. Dirt and other debris in the unit can easily interfere with electric current flow. This can easily lead to shorts, which can cause a fire. A qualified HVAC technician can tighten loose connections and measure current and voltage to ensure your unit is safe.

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